Performance during the concert of the 60th anniversary of the Music School in Koszalin/Poland 

Double Marimba Concerto No.2 by Tomasz Goliński
Soloists: Lucid Duo (Irena Manolova & Tomasz Goliński)
Conductor: Simone Zuccatti (Italy)
Koszalin Philharmonic Poland

God Particles by Tomasz Goliński
for marimba solo and electronics
Comissioned by:
Tanasit Siripanichwattana

The Mirror gives you the opportunity to look inside yourself.
To take a realistic journey inside the complex aspects of your personality.
Composed in 2018 in Vienna, Austria.


The world premiere (excertps) of the Double Marimba Concerto No.2,(marimba orchestra version),
Performed by: Lucid Duo & Phonix Marimba Orchestra
Conductor: Shiniti Ueno

Double Percussion Concerto No.1 by Tomasz Goliński
Soloists: Francisco Díaz & Carlos Llácer (Tuopali Duo – Spain)
Conductor: Eckart Preu (USA)
Orchestra: Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife (Spain)

Etude No.1 for marimba solo by Tomasz Goliński (excerpt)

The Absurd World II by Tomasz Goliński
performed by LUCID DUO
Universal Marimba Competition & Festival 2013